Message From The Managing Director

I can only be proud and grateful to be a part of the RRM Group and being able to contribute to the vision & mission of my father, Md. Al-hajj Abul Bashar and my elder brother, Md. Sumon Chowdhury had.

Our corporation values lie in the happiness of our employees and appreciation from our customers. As one of the most important driving forces in developing modern society, corporations have become the backbone of the communities they belong to. To build a secure and invulnerable society, it is a worthwhile attempt for us to build a happy and sustainable business. We strive to fully undertake our social responsibility, building a green and sustainable business, leading as an example of a consistent developing business, and ultimately achieving the shared vision that started from the beginning. To set the RRM Group on the road towards further growth in the face of fierce competition in the business, we intend to create new growth engines and develop a powerful business model.

Shuvo Chowdhury

Managing Director

RRM Group