RRM Alloy Steel Industries Limited

First time in Asia to establish state of Art MI.DA® technology to introduce the Alternate Ultimate steel in civil construction sector.

Key Fact

• Super-compact productive unit for small-scale/ultra-low Endless Continuous Casting & Rolling production of rebars, straight or coiled, directly from scrap.

• Melting, refining, continuous casting and rolling in one long and uninterrupted production process. Less than 2 hours from scrap to highest quality finished product.

• Regional-focused steel complex strategic location and ideal size to serve the needs of regional and local markets to serve a well defined and limited area…. Ideal to transform local scrap into finished products for local markets.

• Production focused on a well defined range of products and based on long runs, resulting in higher plant yields few sizes just in line with local market needs long production campaign additional factors that made MI.DA® extremely viable.

• Fast ramp up time.

• Extremely superior to a traditional mini-mill of the same magnitude.


Committed to make the ultimate alternate steel to build Safe homes.


Implementing periodic developments in manufacturing process to upgrade product quality catering to RRM Group product users.